Certificate of Quality

Holder : PVC Panel International  located Nieuw industriepark, Duisburg Paramaribo / Suriname.

Products : PVC Panels for ceilings, walls and outside purposes.

Models :
P311, P314, P312, P330, P330H, P314H, P312H, P311H,
109, 104, 108, 103.

UVA & UVB protection, fire rated standard M1 registered n° RA09-0327, according to

European regulation : Euro class B (reaction) and E (resistance).

Technical specifications :
20 PCR maximum of component in mix composition. UV treatment minimum 6,5 PCR of TiO2.

Guarantee :
10 years guarantee : color, ductility and not breakable, junction, point of fixation and fire resistant.

Installation recommendations :
Flat screw or staples (10 mm).
Outside and walls: Panels rated H (heavy) can be used for walls and outisde purposes. Normal panels can be used for inside purposes


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