About us


Our Organization has 30 employees. Approximately 50% of our employees work on production, 10% in Commercial and sales, 10% in the technical service department and the remainder relates to management, product management, quality, administrations and logistics.


Management plays an extremely important role. Over the years a very intensive communication established between our market, our sales and quality inside of PVC Panel International. The experience in the market, as well as the desire for product improvement and new products, continuously feedback to the quality from the product produced at PVC Panel International.


The personal contact with our costumers are serviced by the sales team and advised by our production team. Each of the vendors will support a one to one linked to the salesperson department. Development for the buyer can be found from the various measuring tasks and applications. Knowledge transfer also occurs in many forms. Through brochures and flyers with application and product information and continue through the personal contact with our costumers.


The managers previously mentioned Business Development to interface between the costumer, sales departments and factory. Their job is to create new technologies and markets that sales in the future and costumers can control the condition.


At least as important as choosing the right product for an application is the timely and accurate delivery there of. In order to fully serve the market, a large number of products held in stock, so about 60% of all order lines can be supplied from stock. The logistic process includes the processing and handling of orders from customers, purchase orders, inventory management, monitoring and progress reporting. Contracts with character of a project are handled by a project so full attention may be on the specific requirements of a particular project given.


The increasing complexity of products and the further specialization also place demands on the support of our costumers. Of course, the service technicians should be able to be fast, for running the production. Alert and professional repairs in practice, failures are not always traceable to failure of a device, but also the problems lie mostly in the application of the equipment and its integration in to a complete system. Our service technicians are trained to be able to perform these tasks. This gives to our costumers a solid Quality product. Specific needs and requirements from customers in changes or special measures modifications they are also acceptable by PVC Panel International.